Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pisau cukur.

I went to see Pisau Cukur today.That movie was ok.I think more mature then Gol and Gincu but i love Gol and Gincu more.This movie Pisau Cukur is funnier.Maybe Bernard wants to run out from the college and teens stuff for some time.

Fazura (My fave actress of course) is superbly beautiful.She’s kinda girly but hey,I still like her style.Memang menyampah kalau tengok live depan mata but she’s not like that at all in real life.I’ve met her.She was kinda like my role model when she’s being Putri in Gol and Gincu.Since that show,i adores her and wanted to be like her.

Aaron Aziz.Ok this handsome guy with charisma.I don’t like this guy that much before this.I thought he was just some typical actor that can only act cool and macho.But i was wrong.He was in some car movies before too,if i am not mistaken KL Drift. (Aku keliru sebab banyak sangat cerita pasal kereta ni si family Datuk Yusuf tu buat).And he was the McDreamy for my kind.Even Patrick Dempsey is not in my list! :P And even the hot Eizlan Yusoff were being down graded.HAHA. :P

Overall,the storyline for this movie Pisau Cukur was okay. :)

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