Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wanted to share something but i can’t!

Haha.It was a very good news but i just can’t share it with you guys right now.How sad it is? :) Only Irfan knows.Ah,it’s okay.Time will tell,people said.But it was a really good news,at least for me and Irfan. ;) Hehe.Well,life has been great!Really really GREAT! Mastura is coming home and Irfan’s birthday is just around the corner.Plus,my auntie is graduating from OUM this 16th too.But i think i can’t make it since Irfan’s birthday also falls on the same date.And my FYP presentation of course! on the 18th! HAHA. :P Pray for me.

Argh! Can’t wait for the major breakthrough next year! :) In July i bet.Or perhaps much more earlier than that.Sayang,pray for me as well!


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