Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You and your life.Or is it you’re? HAHA

Actually that title means nothing.NAHHHH!!I lied.Haha.It did mean something!HAHA.But I just can’t say it here.Only certain people knows what it means.

Oh oh when is this “I AM THE GREATEST ONE” war will end? Because at the end,you will see yourself going down,down and down until i could actually step on you.Right now it is your time,your day,your year but it will be mine just in 2,3 weeks time dear.I am ready to haunt your life again, for the second time.I keep it low.Very low until you don’t feel threaten by me before.So that you feel alive for one time.And now,it is my time.You’ll see me,everyday,every time and every second of your day for everyday of your fcuking GREAT life!HAHA.Ready your guns and perhaps roses,as you will be needing that for sure to protect your lavish life,friend.I am not going to take each cent of your money,oh no.Purhleese my dear.I fcuking hate your money.Haha.

Be ready,I’ll haunt you for sure.I’ll be in your every dreams,every sight,every might and possibilities.HAHA.Oh my can’t wait to play hide and seek with you again. :)

Get ready,this will be getting messier and wet then before my love.Oh,who loves ya?No not me for sure.Booyah!

A little short note: You might want to check your spelling of your ‘YOUR’ word.Try to find it,you’ll found it for sure.

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