Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I don’t know why I love being on net since i knew internet.That was back in the year 1999 if i am not mistaken.I was in form 1 going to form 2.Meaning early year of 2000.The Y2K year.Booo~ :P My dad ordered a PC from Pos OdaSaja.That time,the government are doing this one campaign of ‘Satu rumah, satu komputer’ thingy.At that time i know nothing about these social networking sites.I only know one.It was actually a Fan site for this Swedish group named A*Teens.Oh how I love this band so much at that time.Bought their cassettes (i dont have a CD player at that time because it was very expansive!Gila la CD player time dulu2 memang mahal gila and kalau ada CD player je mesti cam gempak sial.haha.Aku ada walkman je) and listen to it like everyday! So,i joined their fan club through their website www.a-teens.com and then suddenly make friends with the fans inside that website.That time,i did not realise that it was a social networking web as well.But all inside that are fans to this group.I like Amit the most.hehe. :P Maybe i’m more attracted to black haired guy then blonds. :D Through A*Teens website, i be friend with Jens and Khull.Jens is from Germany and Khull is from Thailand if i am not mistaken.I chatted with Khull through MSN Messenger.I did not know about YM! at that time. Izzati are also Khull’s friend.

Then,i discover Friendster.Wow.I joined and can make friends with anybody.That time i did not know the pros and cons of sharing information through the net.But,i never gave out my phone number to anybody at that time.I discovered Friendster quite late, when i was in form 5 i guess.HAHA.Laugh all you can time.LOL. Then,i went to PLKN and i forgot about my Friendster account totally. When i came back home, no more internet. :( I opened my friendster account lastly kat PLKN.At that time i stayed at Kolej 7th Zaaba.

After that,i discover Myspace.I hated it at once.I just don’t know why.Maybe because people tend to look cool by “modifying” their names from din to De3N,from fatimah to FaTIMaH and from what ever to I_G0t^^my o_0 oN. YoU & M3 wattaever.Oh just so kampung guys.Please never do that ever.

After that,i entered PUO.No internet connection there for sure at Kamsis.Only at the lab if we wanted to do any surfing and work.I don’t even owned a laptop when i was there.haha.

At uniten,actively played FS and MS.I even do blogging.haha.That was my first blog i guess.i am not going to publish the link here as it is so embarassing.HAHA. :P Then,i started to do friendster blogs.Actively.I realise i love blogging at that time.I love to story to all the people about my feelings and daily life.I love to type all of that.hehe.

Then,i discover FaceBook.It was hard for me to adapt with FB because it is so high class and i dont think that FB is a social network website at that time.I thought that it was a website where educated meets.No fun at all.Where’s the fun in FB?Then,i started to play the applications.Giving gifts eventhough it’s just a fake one.hahaha.i really love to give that coach handbags to Syu.LOL.

So now,i have all of that above plus a picture blog weebly, twitter account and a simple blog tumblr.Wow.How did i manage to be fair to all? i don’t even know.HAHA.Busy girl myself is it?


  1. haha. i buat acc fs masa i abih spm
    skang i ad fs, facebook, twitter, plurk and blogspot
    i da delete tagged acc yang penuh dgn indon tu
    and oso delete myspace
    LOL.too many social networking kan? :P

  2. Yup Bunga! too many social networking webs! i also delete my tagged accout.hehe.memang ramai dengan indo and some other rempits2.tak suka. :D


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