Monday, December 28, 2009

Do you really need a friend like this?

Do you really need a friend who are not afraid of telling the truth about you?What will you do when they tell the truth about you and it hurts?Do you abandoned and not being friends with them anymore?

Have you ever realise that your friend has helped you a lot in finding your life?Have you ever open up your eyes that without your friends,you will never be what you are right now?Have you ever realise that your friends would do almost anything for you,not even your boyfriend/girlfriend will do to you?

Will you not to be talking to your friends ever again after they tell you the truth about the bad side in you?Will you abandoned your friend,after they talk bad about you regarding yourself?Will you scold your friend for things that they dislike about you and they said it publicly?

Whatever it is,i cherish my friends.I tell the truth and i speak for the other friends as well.I am not afraid of telling the truth and i will be like this forever.If you dislike me and were trying to get away from me,i want you to remember one thing.

“You owe me everything”

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