Saturday, December 26, 2009


By looking and rewinding myself to my own past (the past 5 years to be exact), i am grateful of my life today.Grateful that i have my friends,family and of course my love.I am grateful to have feel such grate love from him.Although yes i admit,we have our own ups and downs but still,he’s the one that i love and no one can actually brake that.

And i feel sorry for the one who had to live in my past that actually did not have the same feelings as me.So sorry dear.I hate you so damn much until i could actually typed this and feel sorry about you. :) I know you do not need my sympathy but,i don’t know.I just feel like it,ya know?

My brother told me that i have to get rid of those people who has been bad to me before.And yeah big bro,i did actually.Thanks for the great advise last Tuesday.I really appreciate our heart to heart talk.I love you big brother.Thanks for being there for me every single time.

So i am grateful.Of everything.

And i love my Irfan. :)

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