Saturday, December 26, 2009


Obviously,you do not have to mention all the happiness that you have there because you know how suck it is for me not to being able to do things that i wanted and OBVIOUSLY you are doing that right there and then.

You don’t have to say everything nice up there.Suck up a little bit.Say things to please me a little bit.Say that you hated there and it’s nice to be with me here in KL.Oh guys are so lame.Do we need to TEACH everything to you?

Call me a monster or any kind of ugly things that you have in mind but i think it’s the time for us to teach some lessons to these guys.



  • You can have a sweet talk with your girlfriend and don’t worry,your guy friends will never know about it and they will never mock you or tease you.
  • You MUST say that you need your girlfriend like 24/7 and you can’t leave without them and you need them at anywhere or any place that you are in to.The line ‘I miss you’ is LAME.We don’t buy with that line anymore.

The rest of the lesson will be in next next chapter.See you.Adios.

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