Thursday, December 24, 2009

please just don’t

so okay,guys please just don’t take things not take things for granted.enrich every time you breathe and every time you have you love ones loving you.cause when it is already at the end, that is when the time that you will realise it and my dear friend,it is way too late.suddenly there’s a rewind button that could make you rewind to any day or date.suddenly you remember doesn’t make any sense right?

just do not take things for granted not think that we girls will bound to you every not think that us girls are afraid of you all the time.we have our own psycho thinking to be done too.

you don’t want us to be doing the same thing like you did to us right?so just don’t do the same to us’s easy but yet it is hard for guys to understand.i don’t know.maybe guys are just plain stuped.


  1. Jom2 lawat kedai kami di menjual baju2 cantek+handmde bag&pncilbox+shawl+edic pic dgn harga MURAH!!folo us k..thankz

  2. that is my fave sentence nowadays..
    "maybe guys are just plain stupid"

  3. Ewa: yeah.copied it from you. ;p i dont think it's a MAYBE anymore.i put 'maybe' just beause i wanna make it sounds good.haha


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