Friday, January 22, 2010

Bf soon to be ex-bf then bf again. It’s complicated.

Well,what would you do if your friend caught your ‘other half’ cheating on you,or in this case,met with their ex's without telling you?Even if it wasn’t actually dating but since they met with their ex without telling you,it could be the first crime in your relationship.

What would you do? If your friends told you they met with your bf,seeing his ex?Will you believe what your girl friend see and say or will you believe your bf more then your own girl friend,who is trying to save you from being hurt? As for me, i listen to my girl friend as we tend to protect each other. But at the same time,i will ask my bf about what the heck is happening.Why does he meet with his ex and for what purpose and why does he secretly meeting her? And then i will conclude myself from the things that he told me. (i am very good at this one)  :) At last,he’ll bow to me as he is the one who had done the wrong thing and not me nor my friend.Simple.

If the bf screw your girl friends life,screw your soon-to-be-exbf back.What the hell? You are the one who did wrong and why does my friend need to be the one victimize?

:D Just some random thoughts.

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