Sunday, January 10, 2010


So okay,i found out about NOKIA is launching a 3G Booklet but i don’t know whether it has been launched in Malaysia or maybe, not.But,it seems to capture my eyes,the size and of course the specifications of tha booklet.What the hell it means by 3G?It has 3G Wi-Fi connections?(pffftthhh!!!) Or it has a SIM card slot so that it can acts like a (giant) handphone,which is only bigger is size?Nah.Perhaps not like a handphone but,i think if someone has a broadband SIM card,they can slot it into the Booklet and can have internet everywhere and anywhere, non-WiFi place.Cool huh? (IDK)

About the price?I bet it must be really really pricey.Rm3k? oh baik aku beli blackberry dulu.haha. :P Dapat beli 2 bb tu kalau harga dia rm3k.But then,is it reliable?trustable?We are talking about NOKIA here folks.Hangs, crush, virus and what so ever.Although it uses Windows 7 but still,it’s NOKIA.So,nak beli have to think twice.With the price like that,no one will buy it in Malaysia for sure. :P

But still,i LIKE that Booklet. :D

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