Friday, January 22, 2010


I learned about how to use Final Cut Pro today with Kak iela and Fezal at Sri Pentas.Borrowed their Mac and learn.At first,i just watched Shera editing the ABP press conference video.And from there,I learnt a bit about the short command and how to do the editing itself. Then, Kak iela replace Shera so she taught me how to edit the video.Basically,i need to edit a video of 60 seconds.It may look little but actually in video editing that is a lot. :P

Then,Fezal came by and taught me a lot more about where to put the text and so on.Both of them were really helpful.I mean,really really really helpful and if i did get this job,i need to treat them well. :) Belanja makan la boleh kan Kak iela dengan Fezal? :D hehe.first gaji.hehe.

I was fun! I can’t believe that things that i learn from Uniten can be something that is fun too.Hopefully i can get the job. Starting to like it now. :)

Thanks for all the help! I will remember both of you till the day i die. <3


Hugs and Kisses.

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