Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I’ll be there for you..

Just hearing that F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme song. I’ll be there for you.I love this TV series.I just wish that I could watch this series back then when it was actually a hit TV show.This is one masterpiece.Just like Mr. Bean.It is so evergreen.We can watch it all over again and still laugh at all those jokes that we had already know about.Just like P.Ramlee movies.Bujang Lapok,Seniman bujang lapok and more.So evergreen right?

Lately,what TV series that you think would be just like the evergreens? I think gossip girl would be the one. haha. :p just because i can watch it all over again.And as for Malaysian TV series, I like Gol & Gincu A LOT! i mean,really,A LOT !! I watched the season 1 and 2 and actually have it downloaded inside my ex hdd too (so that i can watch it all over again without failure) I just hope that there would be Gol & Gincu 3.But I don’t think that would be happening.But you know,you can just keep wishing sometimes,and it might happen! :) As for the movies,I think movies like ‘The Memoires of a Geisha’ is the one evergreen and also ‘Anna and the King’ :) For Malaysian movies, i have no idea.I am not trying to jeopardize Malaysian movies but,I think,only the late Yasmin Ahmad’s movies are the best one and can be kept as Evergreen movies.Especially Mukhsin. :) I like that one because,it looks natural.Really really natural.

So what is your lists of evergreen movies and series? Care to share? :) See ya all soon!

601937630_44c4cd3988_o *Gol & Gincu – the casts*


  1. HEy Anfaal, personally, i think that P.Ramlee movies are the EVERGREENEST (pardon me if this word does not exist) movies ever..

    Seriously, everytime his movies are on tv, or a housemate plays it on DVD, I will get hooked infront the tv no matter how many times i've watched it before. I have friends who even memorize the dialogs.. hahaha...

    I also think that p.ramlee movies have a lot of subliminal messages inside them. Maybe that's the reason that we keep watching them, to find the subliminal messages.. Plus, they're funny as hell... =D

  2. I totally agree 110%.hehe.P.Ramlee movies are the best Evergreeers ever!haha. :)

    They're funny but never redundant.That is why I like P.Ramlees' movies to much!Talking about memorizing the dialogs, yeah.My dad used to memorize it when he watched P.Ramlee movie,he will say it before the character says their dialogs.Haha. :)

  3. I've been looking all over for Gol & Gincu The Series. I love that show. Do you still have them in your collection? Can I have it too?


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