Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jerks (kot)

This entry is dedicated to all the jerks out there.the one who thinks that he’s the right one and the one who loves to be the boss out of everything.The one who loves to make their girlfriend broken hearted,waiting for them to give the answer to everything that the girlfriend asked.The one who wants their girlfriend to change,looking like what they wanted to,not they way their girlfriend wanted to be.The one who says they already did something for their girlfriend and never get anything back in return.Oh losers.The one who says that they already try to change but failed.Why are you failing?Men are easily giving up on things like this?But not on the games that they had played before.Once they failed,they try again and again until they win.Why does not that one apply to RELATIONSHIP?I mean the winning spirits!

I hate those jerks.Who does?I hate jerks who thinks that they can live with or without a girl.Fcuk.Who said that to their girlfriend is a totally real fcukups.I really don’t know why must the girls be the victim of this situation.Why not guys?Girls,come and stand up for your own gender.If you are tired of your boyfriend nags and brags you,leave them for at least 1 day.Let just see what will happen if you did that.See if they can really live without you,or perhaps, NOT.

Boyfriends,please.Do care for your girlfriend.Do things together.If you have some problems that you hate about your girlfriend,say it straight away.Do not,keep it inside and then bam!Sacrifice things that you like for your girlfriend.Do surprises.Girls love surprises.If guys love surprises,i don’t know what kinda surprises but as for girls,we love gifts.That all.Even a small keychain will do.Even more if you can’t see your girlfriend that often.Give her something that can let her think of you 24/7 when you are not around.Not when she’s gone to some other countries then,you will exchange your things with her.Do it,even in the ordinary day.Girls love presents and gifts from their boyfriend.ESPECIALLY, surprises.Believe me.If you love to eat,sacrifice your eating money to buy things for your girlfriend.Appreciate her.If you love to modify cars,spend some money to your girl as well.Dress her up nicely,pay for her hair care bills.What ever.We love surprises.There.Full stop.That is the way on how you can win your girlfriend’s heart.Do it or you will regret it.Give something,put it in a box.Ribbon it and wrap it any way you like.Girls love that.



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