Monday, January 18, 2010

Nyanyanyanyanya~ :D

I am officially sick. :P I have fever and some headache all together.It’s like a package, headache + fever = sickness! I still can stand fever but i just HATE headache.I hate headache because it can lead me to some major (or maybe minor) migraine. Haih. But still i can type and facebooking and also watching movie ‘The Nanny Diaries’. I am strong. But sorry Mas,aku tak dapat nak keluar malam ni lepak2. Wargh! :(

But then,I miss my budak busuk,my Nyet.Esok Nyet nak g kelas lagi.Hehe. :P Nak ikot!!!!!!! HAHA.And i want to eat Old Town noodles.Yumyum.

Till then,adios amigos.


*Budak yang makin lama makin nak kurus je*

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