Monday, January 25, 2010

Open your mouth,open it wide. :)

I have this useless passion towards food.I eat things that only i like to eat.And oh yeah,i do not eat breakfast. :) I tend to eat only when i am A LOT hungrier than i am suppose to but then i only will be eating like a quarter or maybe half of the food only.That is how i eat since last year.And peoples keep telling me that i lost weight which is cool then i guess. :)

My weight started to shrink down after my training with mytv3 roverz.Just because i wanted that job so badly,and the waiting part for the results to be out stressed me so i don’t have the ability to eat anymore.You know,when you are stressed out,you can’t eat (only applicable to some of the human being.thank you) like the usual YOU.

Now,i just can do fasting like everyday without being hungry at all.That is great!I don’t do diet.I did asked my friend how she lost her weight.She said,she has been dieting since i can’t remember when.I already have some flat belly (HAHA) but then my upper thingy is kinda big so i hate it a lot (again ; HAHA).I have big ‘rangka’ so if i am thin i don’t look that nice anyway.So,i needed some meat to support my big skeleton.HAHA. :P [ape aku merepek ni?]

If you want to see me gain weight again,bring me to a place who sells any kinda potatoes.Baked,fried anything that is a potato.Because i like LOVE potato a lot!


SAM_0143*Me and my mum at Awana Porto Malai, Langkawi*

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