Friday, January 29, 2010

Unbreak my heart ; <3

Know what,I haven’t been listening to some real music here.I mean,the evergreen ones.The 80’s,70’s.I used to listen to those kinda music only when my family went for a ride in my daddy’s old Mazda 323 car.He used to listen to Lite & Easy back then and I just want to listen to the radio. I did not owned a walkman or a discman back then so radio is the only entertainment that i can get songs from. I remember I used to be so excited when my neighbour gave me a radio for my birthday.I always thought that radio could only be big in sizes and when my neighbour gave me this one mini radio with one speaker on,what is on my mind at that time was like ‘Oh my.This must be really expensive!’

I love songs.Any kind of them.I could listen to grunge,rock,metal,gothic,pop,rnb ; anything and almost every songs! Even nasyid. :)

Now, I listen to most of the peculiar songs that you could ever get through the radio.I love the hits songs too,please don’t get me wrong.Lady Gaga is so hot right now with her ‘Bad Romance’ song. :) She’s such a trend setter.







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