Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yesterday me and my mum checked the condition of the hotel that we are staying in Germany. I wouldn’t call it as a HOTEL. It is more to like a training centre since my daddy will be attending a seminar sort of thing. So, the hotel is pretty dodgy. The surroundings are trees and TREES! But it is actually 9km from the airport and 7km from the… CITY. OH thank God we only stay there for 2 days.Thank God. :P

The hotel has a WiFi. But at the lobby only. Aiseh. And have to pay some more i guess. Aiyo. How come have to pay??????? Malaysian can give you FREE wireless and in Germany we have to pay? How would you detect? Or maybe there’s a password? And we have to pay for the password? Duh Germany..BIG DUHHHH!!!!!  Here in Malaysia even in MAMAK stall you can have FREE WiFi. Shame on you, Germanyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! (Mad like hell)

So, yeah. Perhaps i can only SMS at Germany with Irfan. *sigh.a very big sigh*


  1. sabar bukk, sabarrrr.. di indo juga sama kene bayar juga.. hehe..

  2. indon tak pe la.
    derang macam negara yang sederhana jugak economi. ni german kot~

  3. Gie: itu lah...sebab itulah harapan untuk berhubung..hehe


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