Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Communication is the key of everything possible. :) Without communication, it is a dead end. Who wants a dead end? I don’t really want it but sometimes, dead end is indeed,good.

If you are in love with your boyfriend, communication is the main thing to keep your relationship going on. Avoiding conversation especially the critical ones, will lead you to be in you own imaginary love life. Why do i say imaginary? It is because, once you are in a fight without any make up conversation, you will tend to imagine the things that your partner will do. See the key word here? IMAGINE. You will be keep on guessing and keep on saying words like ‘maybe,who cares..’ and it shows that you are not 100% knows what your partner is currently doing.

What am I blabbering here? Oh.Must be the effects of this flu medicine. Sigh.

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