Monday, February 15, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai Holiday.

I just got back from Penang like in 2 hours ago. Finished kemas-kemas all the things and clean up the house just now.

At Penang it was very damn HOT! Hotter then KL i think. If only i have a thermometer, I would know the exact temperature there. I guess it does exceed 34 degree! Haha. Just because my kampung is near the sea, so it is hotter. My grandma says it’s the season of Kemarau. Oh oh. My Irfan told me that this kemarau will last up until May. Argh! :S

I have had some experienced back at my hometown. Even though I only stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. First, the first night i was there, i slept at one of the bedrooms and saw a cat,walking onto the pillars. My grandma’s house does not have a shilling so we could see the beam and the roof up there. Suddenly, I saw a cat walking onto one beam to another. I said ‘miow’~ to the cat and the cat was kinda surprised to see me,still not asleep yet. Haha. :P Then, something crawling on my feet. I don’t have a clue what the heck it is. I used my hands and faster shoosh the creepy thing down. I don’t know what happen to that thing until i woke up and saw some yucky bangkai on the floor. I still don’t know what is it. Ew~

Oh yeah, Mak Long’s house is nearly 75% done. Masyitah,lepas ni kau dapat status banglo la rumah kau.haha. :P And one update about the wedding that will be happening in May; I am the official photographer. Even though I am actually not a photographer.haha. :P Oh my, I did screw myself this time right?

Well, Happy Chinese New Year. Even though a day late. :)

P/S: I will post the picture of that creepy thing here later.

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