Monday, February 22, 2010

Good day! Very Good day! :) (bukan iklan susu ok)

I had a very good day today! :) See, I told ya (in Facebook status) that i just can’t wait for Monday to come! I know today would be a great day after all. :)

Went to Sg. Gabai to meet my big brother, Erry. I wanted to meet him before I went to Germany. He is currently shooting his series of ‘Si Capek 3’ in a house near Sg. Gabai. A very big house owned by a very popular director in Malaysia. :) Guess who. Hehe.

We chatted and chatted. Laugh and being crazy. Together with a very special friend of mine. (I can’t say his/her name.Safety precautions.But Irfan knows him/her okay so jangan buat FITNAH) ;p I ate some roti canai with cheese and surprisingly mushrooms! Yuck. What is the world, a roti canai with mushrooms???? So not roti canai ok. So no original, so unoriginal. Yuck yuck yuck! Yuck2 pun makan habis jugak. HAHA. :P Korek all the mushrooms out then only can eat. :)

Went to Sg. Gabai. Last time I went there with Shezz and Waseem and that ‘person’. Like,3 years ago i guess. Wow. That time I just got to know Erry a little bit more personally. But he has some shooting for the drama Manjalara at that time. Yeah, so long ago.

Well, time flies so fast right? I’m going to Germany soon. Mas has already went back to Perth. Miss her! :(


  1. Haslam's right? haha, love gabai.
    Have fun in Germany girl. =)

  2. Haslam? you mean casa d'Haslam? :)
    Thanks Hunky. hehe


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