Monday, February 1, 2010


I went to Muara Seafood just now with my family.Sorry no pictures as i did not bring my super duper handbeg together with me, just the purse and tumpang my mum punya handbeg instead. ;p As everybody and anybody of each of you guys here know that Muara Seafood is placed just beside the port and we could actually see the ships depart and arrive.

There’s this one big contena ship honking to the port people (i don’t really know the terms here) sort of like saying goodbyes to them. So,honk/horn is really actually a language for one vehicle.

If you honk, everybody will know whether you are trying to say goodbye,or you are angry at someone,or you are not in a mood,or you are in some happy mood and more.

So that is what i had discovered today! The language of a vehicle/ships/boat/whatever.



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