Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love is a battlefield.

‘We are young.Heartache to heartache we stand.No promises no demands.Love is a battlefield.’ I listen to this song in 13 going on 30 (if I’m not mistaken) movie starring Jennifer Garner. A very sweet and romantic but yet very impossible to be happening. ;)

Love is a battlefield. Yes it is. I totally agreed. Being is love is like you are equipped and ready. Your weapons are on you hands and are in a ready mode. Being in love excites everything around your world. Even a tiny bits of thing that looks normal,are abnormal to you. You fight with your own strength and most likely you will never give up. Believe me, no one will give up on love, ever. Once you said you are giving up, actually you are not ready yet with your armour. Get your gears done and you are in the battlefield of love again. The word battlefield here didn’t just give the meaning of wars and hatred. Sometimes, it means you are in a battlefield of saving your love life, or you are just in a battlefield of ‘LOVE’ and you just can’t let it out of your mind.

Being or falling in love are at one state where ALL of the people must have been in their outmost and outrageous life. Without love, i don’t think that there’s much that they can do. Not just love to their boyfriend/girlfriend but to best friends, families, God, country, other people, civilization, food and drinks and more. Love is really really universal. Talking about love doesn’t mean THE love. You know the ‘a boy and a girl’ love. Love is everything that we need in life. In order to stay alive, we must love ourselves first,right? So, love is something that could actually get us where we are today. Love is the greatest teacher of all time. Love is true, love is pure and love is everything.

Love your love before it’s too late. Perhaps, treat your love today What love? Anything! :)

<3 all my readers out there!

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