Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love Love Love.

It’s been a while kan? haha. Ceh. Baru je brapa hari tak update betul2. Well, just wanna tell everybody who is reading my post right now, I have already watched Valentines Day the movie and it was kinda suck. I mean, it was ok. It was packed with so many scenes and actors and actress. So the story for each actor and actress are short and confusing. The storyline are actually predictable. So damn predictable and plus, Taylor Swift can’t act. She sucks at acting. Just stay singing my dear Taylor. Do not act ever again,darling.

Had a great arguments and makeup.At One Utama. Haha. Well, i don’t want to talk about it ever again. Well see what is going to be happening next.

I am going to Germany –> Dubai –> London next week! Oh My God! It’s next week???? Time flies so fast. Sure i’ll be missing my Irfan but i can’t want to… SHOP!!!!!!! At London. :) Well, the emoticon should be like this :(:) Can you see? A non smily and a smily face. hehe.


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