Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Past and present.

I hate his past. Really hate it the most. But i don’t know about his present. Am i going to be hating it as well? His past is full with fooled. Girls and also ex’s. Full with some negative things rather then positive ones. Mind me, this is not about what he has done. I mean, yes. He did those things but it is not what i meant. What  i meant is that i hate the way he is back then. Back then even before i personally know him. He is way to lean on things. WAAAAYY to lean. Even his friends backstab him and it’s alright with him. So, I hate his past but not all of it. There are most of the bad past has been layered by the good things he had done. And i hope he’d do the same while he’s with me.

But, I hate mine too. Well, some part of it. The part where …… Nah, I don’t want to talk about it here. To those who knew me, they knew why I hate my past so much and specifically referring about ‘that’ guy.

So, i hate both of us from the past. If you ever know me back then, you’d probably do not want to even enter my territory. I was different before. :)

You are lucky enough,tho. Cause that past teach me on how to behave today. How to think today and how to act,today.

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