Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tik Tok (no no not Kesha song)

As for today, it would be the last day for me to update my blog. i hope i can update my blog when there is a wireless connection there in Germany and London). Tomorrow would be a very busy day for me! First the Akad Nikah ceremony that i have to attend (not mine, it’s my father’s friend's daughter who is getting married tomorrow) Then perhaps another last minute shopping for my one week trip to Europe.

Bag (checked!) Yeah! I’ve just finished packing my luggage just now.And also my big huge hand beg. Hehe. Love it love it! My hand beg has become so light now! hehe. Inside there, a novel by my love Irfan (he gave that novel to me titled 143 for ‘I Love You’. Aww~ How sweet right? Me love you too sayang!), my bonita purse that i got it for RM10 only, my pashmina and my makeup bag. :) Love it! Hehe. Everything that is needed to be cozy and enough for my flight of 7hours to Dubai. But i’ll add up some chargers and usb connection since there are usb plugs inside the aircraft. YAY! So, i’ll be heavier later. LOL.

To sayang Irfan, plesae do not cry.hehe. :) I’ll only be going for a week.or perhaps 9days. I am not that sure yet but I hope we can always keep in touch with the SMSes and also Facebook.Although the time differs, but you can SMS me anytime you want. And I will pay for the bills.You don’t have to worry about a thing here. :) I just love you. <3 Can’t wait to see you back again!

I’ll bring back some souvenirs to all of my painkillers! Because you are worth it!

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