Monday, March 29, 2010

Frankfurt –> LONDON! <3

Yeah.Finally i got some mood to type about my London holiday! It is because I really miss London. :( So damn much. It feels like my second home when it comes to London. Cause maybe i’ve been there before or LIVED there before. I miss london. :(

So, my flight from Frankfurt to London takes about 1 hour plus only. That is near. Very near. I boarded British Airways. I hate BA!! Lame and…gloomy. Know what, if you are to be boarding BA soon, be sure to hold on to your boarding pass with you. I’ve been to a situation where my boarding pass is with my dad and he boarded the aircraft first. So,when my turn, the stewardess asked for my boarding pass and WTF i don’t have it with me. I told her my dad have it and she said that my dad only showed one boarding pass. Yeah who knows you wanted to see the boarding pass. I even remembered where my dad sits at so what’s the point of looking at the pass anyway? Stupid. So, do not ever boarded British Airways. Never ever!

Landed at London Heathrow Airport. Got a driver and off to our hotels. On the way to the hotel, I looked out the window..Trying to refresh my memories back, 20 years back and of course i remembered nothing. I stayed at Edward Lear Hotel. A very cosy and cute. I didnot like the hotel at first but yeah, i am trying to cope with small hotels from the big ones in Frankfurt. After unpacked our things, we went to the nearest ‘Arab Street’  to eat at the HALAL restaurant. Yeah, Bariani Rice of course. There, along the street even Subway is HALAL. :) After ate our dinner, went back to the hotel and have a great rest cause tomorrow will be another great day.Shopping! :)

So,first day at London. My hotel is just near Oxford Street. A walk a way. :) Love it. All the shopping complexes and big fashion store is here. Name it they got it all. ZARA? Top Shop? Pull n Bear? Selfrigdes? Everything is there! But the one that i like the most are the drugstore and also PRIMARK. I miss PRIMARK a lot. very cheap cheap beautiful clothes. 4 pound to 12 pound. WTF!?! :D Very cheap there. First day we just went around,sightseeing,rode on a tube,see Big Ben,Eye of London,Trafalgar Sq..All the places that i’ve been through before. Went back to hotel but before that we stopped at Marks & Spencer Food Hall. Oh my God! :D I love this Food Hall like,seriously. Instantly falling in love with a food hall. You have to be there to know the feeling of being inside that Food Hall. Oh how i miss my strawberry pies. :( OHHH!! GOD! I terribly miss London! :’(

Well, i’ll be updating the next day in my next post. Enjoy these pictures from the first day of my London trip. :)


IMG_3961 IMG_3953 IMG_3955 IMG_3958


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