Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great day!

I am still not the the mood for updating my world trip. :P Maybe tonight so just keep in touch with this blog if you want to know more. Although it’s nearly one month now since i got back to KL but the memories of going to London still fresh! I keep bragging Irfan to being me to London next year. HAHA. :P He said, if he has the money, we’ll go okay! Yay! :P

So,back to the reality world. Today I went out with my dear Irfan. Went to Pavilion just for the sake of this SmashBox Makeup. It’s not that i wanna buy any, just wanna know the price. And yeah, it is expensive. And it makes my eager to go to London even more stronger. haha. :P Wanna know why? I’ll be telling you guys later.

So, since we are at Pavilion, we went to Forever 21. I love Forever 21 at Pavilion cause it’s big and spacious. I’ve been looking for an anchor earrings for so damn long. Found one at F21 in One Utama but did not buy it. (stupid me) So,search for it at F21 Pavilion. At last, I got one! I don’t know but i am SOOOOO into anchor and right now. I have no idea how to describe why so.

So, next week is the pilliow fight for RA day and also my Grad Night! Can’t wait to meet all my friends!! See ya babes <3



* I am Popeye the Sailorman. Tuut tuut! * haha



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