Monday, March 15, 2010


Well, I don’t really want to continue my Holiday updates for now. Maybe in my next entry :) Well, I have been shopped, a lot. But not as a lot as Fau. HAHA. :P

I have been having such a disastrous days since..last week? First, my hand phone middle button are ruined since i got to Germany. It’s hard for me to scroll down now. Hate it so damn much. Then, last week my laptop’s battery charger putus. Duh. WTF. And i can’t play with my laptop anymore (sebenarnya boleh je. Tapi sebab laptop ni battery dia pun dah bodoh,so setiap 5min kena charge la and the charger rosak pulak.kadang2 boleh kadang2 tak) then on the same day sakit mendatang. Demam and then sakit tekak. Haiyo.

Then, beli charger baru. Gagah jugak dalam demam tu. Then, the specs does not fit my old charger. It can be use but the static is way to much. And my cursor suddenly become gila! Loco! Crazy! haha. :P Then, for some fuckin 2days i’ve been using the loco cursor i just can’t stand it anymore and asked Irfan to come with me to Digital Mall to change to a new charger. And then,yay! I got new charger and it’s working just fine. :)

And then,some stupid more things happened. What a week.

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