Saturday, March 13, 2010

KLIA –> Dubai

So,okay. I would like to start my entry here today with the first flight i am in which is the KLIA –> Dubai. This flight took about 7 hours straight with Emirates Airline on board 777-300 (shown on the picture below). It was quite a small aircraft. I felt that the seats are small and it’s hard to breathe because the seat in front of me is too near. Maybe because i haven’t been in an airplane for quite some time.

Got my seat beside the window and then started to play with the ICE (Information,Communication and Entertainment) TV. Starting to watch the frontward camera and downward camera. While waiting for the plane to get ready and fly, I get myself to feel cosy and relaxed. It is going to be a 7 hours flight so I have to be prepared. This is my longest journey on board after Perth, Australia. Perth was the one before,with 5 hours flight and now it’s 7 hours flight. Coolio!

So, when the plane is flying,I felt sleepy. It was around 2.40am (Saturday 27/02/2010) and it’s been like i haven’t sleep for about a day now. I try to sleep on board but the ICE thingy wouldn’t let me. Haha. :P I was so stuck with trying to hear songs or watch movies or TV dramas. So, I ended up watching 500 Days of Summer but never finished it. During the 7 hours flight, they gave me food twice. One is like a starter. I can’t quite remember what I ate. Another one is the Dinner. And this one, they gave me some hams with cheese and buns and breads i don’t know who ate dinner that way. Dinner supposed to be like,you know real food. This is sort of like a breakfast food.Haih.

Arrived in Dubai International Airport. The local time would be around 5am (Subuh time) and the time differences between KL and Dubai is minus 5 hours. So, by the time I arrived, KL time would be 10am. :) Fascinated by the airport interior.Seriously, they don’t have money but i can see their airport are busy with aircrafts. Unlike KLIA, which is kinda…quiet and mellow. Find a TAXI and went straight to the hotel. Only 10 minutes from the airport, the hotel named Golden Sands 10. It was actually a service apartment and there are a lot of Golden Sands apartment there,1 till i don’t know..erm…11? :P

Rested for about 1 and 1/2 hours. I get my sleep during that time. And then, off to see Dubai. The old ones and the new ones. I only can’t wait to go to Atlantis. :P First stop, walked from the apartment to the Big Bus Dubai Tour booth in front of the shopping mall in Dubai. But then the tour was so expansive 220 dirham per person (which is equal to rm220 too) so ended up hiring a taxi to see Dubai. I can’t remember where we go but I only remember a few like the Burj Khalifa, WAFI shopping mall (looks like Sunway Pyramid here in KL) and Gold Land,Spice Land and what ever land they have. Then, from Gold Land, waited for Mr Andreas to come and take us to the Palm Jumeirah. Oh this one I really can’t wait to see! :P

This is a private property, I mean, we can’t just simply go into the ‘leaves’ road.But, since Mr. Andreas works for Palm Jumeirah and he has the authority to do so, we went into one of the many leaves, and looked at the villas inside. Indeed, very beautiful. :) And at the end of the leaves, there will be one big mansion. Very big until you can call it a palace. :) Then, we stop at this one place, ate ice creams and drinks at bateel cafe. The ice creams are..SUPERB! With the background of the ‘Moving Building’ and yachts, eating ice creams and shisha-ing there would be one of the best thing in the world! After that, we went straight to the old dubai and ate at YAMADA Hotel. I ate Chicken Curry with Rice. (I miss rice a lot even for just 2 days leaving Malaysia.HAHA.Wierd) And then went straight to the apartment. Everyone are so damn tired and sleepy so we went to our room and have a rest cause tomorrow will be another tiring day for us. We will be leaving Dubai and went to Frankfurt. Another 7 hours flight!


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See you in my next post! :D

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