Monday, March 29, 2010


I am not in a very hardworking mood today. I woke up and did not feel any sleepy at all. Maybe it is because my brain has already tuned into this so called working environment. Never mind. I like that. But I don’t know why i am not that eager to do my job today. Maybe i am hungry rite now? I haven’t had my breakfast yet. It has always been like this but i don’t know why today i feel so damn hungry! :(

I took some pictures of me inside the office. I mean, at my table. :P Since Min and Shahrom is not here today, they left a while a go to do some payments and repairing printers..So I did not have anybody seating behind me now! :) Happy. hehe.

I am pretty boring right now, and hungry! I want my Springy Noodles with Ham and Egg and my Enriched Chocolate from Old Town! :(

Oh yeah, last but not least. I love my boyfriend! <3 Teehee~ That’s all for today. Will be updating again if i got time and moods! ;p


Picture 3 Picture 1 Picture 2

*The boring me*


  1. lalink aa, cayang ade kat sini kalu buling buling..

  2. memang buling pun~ tapi tak pe lah.cayang ada di mana2. haha. FB,SMS..


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