Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy busy busy!

Oh my God this is the longest idle stage for this blog has ever been!! One week and 2 days? WOW! A record babeh! Well, actually i’ve been busy With Uniten and also career fair stuff. Went to MidVally for the Job Street’s career fair. Aplied for some big companies and still waiting for them to give me a call. Come on come on i need those jobs right now. If not then, i’ll be frustrated seriously. It’s like i’ve been dumped by a job. HAHA. :P

But as seriously in deep cut i am in then, i still have my big love Irfan to cheer me up. Mas has gone to Aussie to pack her things up. MAS! Aku tak sabar nak kau kat KL balik. Cepat weh balik sini. Kau duduk sana buat sakit hati lagi je. Come come KL! :D Went to the Look Out point at Ampang last Thursday with the painkillers!! The view was awesome but the food was yuks! :P



So, yeah,i have nothing much to update you guys here. Oh yeah, my sayang had a job interview for Western Digital today. Hope he gets the job there. :) That is all he ever wanted right now, so far. Sayang dah duduk area Kelana Jaya tu jaga2 skit. Kalau bb nampak je syg dating dengan ehemehem kat tasik situ,siap la syg bb kerat 7 nanti. :)

Other then that, i’ll be going to Kuantan this Friday for work. Sigh. Will be missing my Irfan when im gone. Obviously. :’(



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