Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to train your dragon?

How? Be kind to them. Hehe. The moral of the story is just simple, be kind to animals even though you know the animal might kill you. They just feel defensive and need to defend themselves. Be kind to animals. :) Simple kan?

Well, today the anchor necklaces has been added up from one to three! I bought another 2 anchor shaped like necklaces from Selfridges. <3 Oh I miss Selfridges at London. Sayang, promise me kita g London okey end of next year or early 2012. :) I wanna shop banyak banyak! Hehe.

Well, got nothing much to update here. I am still on hold my London trip entry. For those who are still waiting for that entry to come up here, well,maybe tomorrow i’ll post it up. I just can’t tell the story just yet because i really really miss London. :(

Can’t wait for the career fair next week. Will be going there with Izzati and Irfan. Hope that I could get some place to work at. :)

anchor necklace *Just like mine.But not mine* :P


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