Friday, April 30, 2010

I am a survivor.

I am a survivor. I can be alone all by myself and yet still alive. I survive from the shittiest time in my life. It happened twice so far in my life. I survived.

Although i may need someone to talk to about things but hey, I can be alone. I can survive when i am alone. So why should i be scared. I can be in love or out of love. It doesn’t matter anyway now. It’s hard to find someone for you to take care of. But when you have that someone it’s hard to ignore things they did wrong and sometimes we protect them from doing wrong. But it just seems like they do not care about that one i guess. Maybe less caring is cool enough? People said caring is sharing. I say caring is…bullshito? :P

Aih. I am going to do some major shop shop tomorrow. I have a lot of things to buy. :D Can’t wait to get out from this stress.


  1. somebody who can lie to themselves are lonely and in pain.

  2. i never lie to my own self. i do things strictly and straightly.


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