Saturday, April 3, 2010

I hate when..

I just hate it when something i own is not mine anymore. I mean, i have lost my privacy and now i just need to be really really good inside my own Facebook for the sake of……… yeah..They just can’t accept me for who i am. Talking about logical, human beings do say harsh things sometimes. Even my ___ says Shit most of the fcuking time. We have our peak time where we tend to be so damn angry at the people around you. And to me since i have nobody to turn to (when that someone hurt me) I turn to my Facebook to be my counsellor and second would be my blog. I can’t talk to my friend,bragging about the same old thing over and over again. They will feel so bored hearing the lame stories. So, instead of just go to one friend, i can have friends from all over the world to calm me down.

Who gives a damn about what i typed inside my Facebook. That is my page (even though i did not pay for it but still using my email) and i can do,say,post what ever that i wanted to say inside there. It is MINE! If you don’t like it, do not be my friend. That’s all.


Hey, I played Facebook a lot earlier than you. So,just shut the fcuking up.

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