Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Liar = Lies + Made up stories – Trusts / People.

I hate people who lies..Or lets make narrow it a little bit. I hate people who just don’t know how to lie. I wasn’t good at lying before this. And that is why everything that i said will be true from my heart.

I hate people who can’t like now. I mean, if you don’t know how to tell lies, just don’t. Cause liar are made from Lies (of course!) plus they must made up stories to tell lies. And because of that, the trust will be going low and then at last it will make people go to separate ways. So, do not tell lies if you don’t know how to.

Like, you updated your BB status but you just can’t reply your GF’s call and SMSes. WTF! And then tell lies some more.Saying that your phone is not with you. You left it at home. Bullshit. 100000 (infinity) % Bullshit! Gotcha there dude. Well, you guys have balls but you suck at lying!

So, do not ever lie if you totally suck at it!

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