Tuesday, April 20, 2010

London <3

So sorry i did not post this entry last week. Been busy and not feeling well actually. :S Well, okay today i’ll update to you about my London trip. I have already updated my first night and day at London.

So today you’ll be reading about my second DAY at London. Woke up at around 7.30am London time. Ate breakfast downstairs, scrambled eggs and baked beans with toast and cereals. :) Yummey. With, my trademark apple juice. (usually i only drink ice lemon tea or ice tea but there’s no lemon tea in my hotel so apple juice is the next best choice!) After that, we straight away went out to London Eye. Boarded a tube from Oxford Circus and then went to Westminster. The Big Ben is also there, so a lot of Big Ben’s picture has been taken by my dad. I don’t know why but my dad loves that Ben so much! :P 

After that, we went for the Thames River Cruise. :) It comes with the package, riding the London Eye will get tickets for Cruise as well for 20% discounts. Happy happy! So, rode on the cruise and sailed through River Thames. Saw the very famous Tower Bridge (the one that we misinterpret as London Bridge) and also Daniel Radcliff’s high school.Cool!

After cruise, we went to find the Jom Makan restaurant. It is near Trafalgar Sq. After eating our lunch, we went jalan jalan near Buckingham Palace. Not that far from Trafalgar Sq. :) We walked through the St. James Park. Brings back a lot of memories there. I used to picked up the leaves and got scolded by my mum when i was little. :P Ah. Refresh back all the memories. I know i am going to miss London when i’m back home. :( We are trying to find a place where i took the picture there, at the signboard of Buckingham Palace, when i was 5 years old. We search and we found it! Alas, what i wanted to have, i already have it now. The picture. :) Before taking the picture, we went to the Buckingham Palace souvenir shop. My mum borong banyak gila barang.haha. Then went back to the hotel.

On the second last day, we just went to the near places such as Primark and also the souvenirs booth and shops along Oxford Street because my dad sprained his ankle. Talking about Primark. I just love that store! My fave store so far, selling cheap and up to date clothes! One for less then 20Pound! Can you imagine that you can have the similar design and print from Top Shop and ZARA for 50% less price? WOW!!! For sure,i miss that store. Definitely will be going back there soon. Really really soon!

The last say, our flight is on the afternoon if im not mistaken. Boarded the A380. First time seeing that plane i went insane! It was superbly huge!! Just can’t imagine i am some of the lucky ones to boarded A380. :)

So,that is basically my world trip last feb-march. Still miss my London tho. :( Have been planning to go there with my love. Hope everything went well kan sayang? <3

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