Friday, April 30, 2010


Right now I am not going to let my anger conquer my mind now. I am trying to control myself from being the girl version of ‘Incredible Hulk’. I have done my part. I have been saying the same thing for over and over again but I get no respond. I am getting sick and tired of everything I said and now i want to take it back, ALL of it for good.

I am really frustrated with the responds that i get. No matter what i say, it’s always never been good and people always neglected it. What is the point of me giving advise but no one even bother to listen? I have tried my best, I have done my part and actually i give up. I got nothing in return, even a thing that can say that i am proud of them. Why should i praise them for the thing that they did not listen to me? Got what i mean right?

In Malay we have ‘Berbuih mulut’ meaning that you give advise that people don’t want to listen. It’s like, your mouth is tired of giving advise to others.

Right now i just can smile. :)

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