Thursday, April 22, 2010


I miss my sunshine. She’s at Perth for now. :( I hope she’s good there and i hope that she can survive living there for the time being. Cepat2 balik weh!!! Hehe. Boleh buat plan best2 lagi. Haha. :P

Erm, I got my first paycheque today. Yahoo! Have to save a little for now. Although i still got my allowance from my daddy but i don’t think so that i will be getting that anymore.sigh! ;p


*kahkahkahkahakaha.@ delicious Bangsar*


  1. miss u too~x sabar la nak balik.dah x tahan la ddk sini.stress~

  2. Piston: yeah! she's very very sweet! :)

    Cyrus: itu lah...cepat la balik...ktorang semua dah tak sabar nak kau duduk sini dah.hehe

  3. bb, kamu pun sweet :)

    mas, balik la malaysia hehe.. anfaal dah rindu kamu sangat hehe..


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