Sunday, May 16, 2010

16k viewers!

Wow. It actually shocked me to death. (nope.i was just exaggerating.i just choke a little of my Special K cornflakes) I am shocked to see my counter’s number. it stated that more then 16k had viewed my blog! It as only been published 2 years ago and i have like 16k viewers? I don’t know if this is mad or not but 16k of viewers are insane to me. As my blog is not a famous blog at all.


A very special thank you to all my loyal readers. Thank you so much. I don’t know how to express my ‘thankiuness’ to you.ALL of YOU! So here’s a song just for all of ya. :)

Thank You - Alanis Morissette


  1. bb, bb byk peminat ni hehe, syg pun tgk blog bb byk jugak tau hehe..

  2. arif & anfaal take care yaa korang,
    arif...i dengan tawfik dah break up,dia tak perlukan i lagi dah arif.
    anfaal tuhan tak makbul doa i nak bersama tawfik,cos tawfik dah tak cintakan i lagi dah,tawfik dah suke wanita lain yang jauh lebih cantik dari i.
    ariff & anfaal-wish u guys happy tgthr.
    keep in touch.
    guys i dah close my fb account,dan my blog..take care anfaal & arif.

  3. Syg: hehe..tak de la.derang suka ape la baca bb type mengarut2 ni.. :D

    Farah: eh? biar betul you guys dah breakup? Meaning to say, Tawfik ada other girl? Pelik nya Tawfik mcm tu ke perangai dia? I mean, i don't know him tapi dah bincang betul2 ke? Hope to see you soon..


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