Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Credit Cards?

I am just thinking about applying one CC for me. Maybe a little bit for the sake of SHOPPING clothes at Cotton On (HAHA) or maybe a little bit for me buying a Blackberry (LOL) or just perhaps I need one just for the sake of having one credit card for keep.

I reviewed some Maybankard and also HSBC. Since I have Maybank account, so i guess i just might be having a Maybankard Credit Card. I am thinking of having Flex but since Irfan called Maybank they suggest on Sony Visa or Petronas ones or the Visa Ikhwan. Let just see which one i’ll be taking. Having one i guess gives me just a little freedom on money. A LITTLE okay. Since my gaji is not that high lagipun.

Well well well. Last year on my birthday I have my Debit Card. Who knows maybe this year I’ll be having my first Credit Card? Yummeh.

P/S: I know this might sound stupid and childish but I just don’t know what to update in here and instead of leaving it un-updated, I just thought of typing the things that is currently on my mind.


Cotton On.

Credit Card.



A big HAHA for me. :D

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