Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I do not care, okey. ;p

Hey hey there you. Actually i just don’t care about what you said about me. Through on or off line. I don’t really care because you barely know me at all. You just met me once and was like playing with your boyfie and stuff so yeah, get the hell out of my problem. Do not interfere with it because you don’t really know me at all. You don’t know what i’ve been through and you don’t know what i have to go to survive all these shits. So before you say something like that, please double check from your other friends.

Aiyoh. My day is just started and now i’m cursing someone. It’s not that i want to but i have to since i’ve been keeping this for quite a while. Not actually a while. Just for one night. Gah~ haha. ;p But hey, what’s the use of my blog kan? I can typed,story,tell,say anything that i want to as long as it’s not about political stuff. Besides, i am not into political that much so you’ll not be seeing me typing or telling stories about politics here. :)

This is a picture of me, inside my office. Notice that behind me there’s no more blinds. I am now not at my old seat anymore. I have me new seat near the door. :) I’m lovin it.

Picture 5


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