Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things that i need now.

Okay,since the seating in my office has been changed, I have my own table now and i hope it is for good. But the only thing i need is to organize all the papers on my table because it’s very the SEMAK!

I need things like staked holder for my papers or something like a file. I don’t like ring file that much but if that is the solution for this problem i am willingly to sacrifice those things that i hate. haha. :P

Ahh! I am babbling about what? My work? I am not a workaholic. People usually say that if when they are at home and still thinking about work. Know what, this work thinking thingy has caught my mind up to the stage where I wanted to buy a printer for myself. HAHA. Well well that is way too ridiculous right? But hey, i do not like to use my office’s money. I called the candidates using my own credits. I bought a file to store the paper by using my own money as well. I hate claiming for money but if i think it’s needed to be claimed, I will do so. :)

Argh. TPC will be going to Kuantan soon. End of this month and early next month. So now my 2nd home includes the Hyatt Kuantan Hotel. I miss that stupid shisha guy. I’ll be seeing you again shisha man. Muahaha! :P


  1. itu la..since bb suka sangat makan dalam office,so kena ada dustbin.hehe. :D


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