Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thinkplus Consulting.

This is where i work now, Thinkplus Consulting (TPC). It’s a recruitment consulting and i am one of the consultant. As a recruitment consultant, I have to consult (not so good at this part at the moment) people who are interested in working at GULF or Saudi Arabia’s oil and gas plant. As a result, we have to search for those people. And those people have to have the guts to go for an interview held by the people inside the plant itself. The main plant is call SABIC.

So, last 2 weeks, I have been very busy handling those interview session. Not only me, my friends in TPC too. We went for the Ibn Zhar (one of the plant inside SABIC) interview session in Kuantan, Pahang. We stayed at Hyatt Kuantan for 3 days and 2 night starting from Friday,Saturday and Sunday. It was my first journey to a hotel without my parents. I am kinda excited but i miss my Irfan so much at that time since we are supposed to celebrate our first year anniversary together. Instead, we celebrated our 1st year at Jusco Bukit Raja,eating Nandos and Wondermilk cupcakes which i secretly ordered 2 weeks before.hehe. And he secretly bought me a fleece with hello kitty on it! Lovely! :)

Back to the TPC story, upon arrival, all of us called each boyfriend to give the damn funny during that situation. The first night we went to eat at some seafood restaurant. since we are so damn hungry, we went just to any seafood place and eat. Then went back to our hotel. The girls are busy ironing clothes and then went to sleep. The guys we don’t know what are they doing.

So, the first day and first event day to me. We out pretty well. Met with Mr. Ahmed Bashraheel and Mr Riyadh (the famous ones). They are not that bad actually especially Mr. Riyadh. Mr. Ahmed is cool. Way too cool for a guy who is supposed to be very committed to his work. :) On the first day, it wasn’t that much people coming. I have to assists Mr. Riyadh who is supposed to screen all the walk in people’s resume. So, when there’s no people around, he’ll get out from the HR room and asking where are all those resumes? Know what i have no idea how to handle that situation actually. Haha. I have no power to grab all those people to come to Hyatt. I have no connection what so ever with Oil and Gas. I have no friends working in an Oil and Gas company. So, when day one has done, we went to our rooms and get ready to have dinner. But before that we went swimming! It was only for 30mins i guess. hehe. Well, better then nothing right? So, we had dinner at Mc D and then we went for a stroll at the beach then later have shisha. I hate this shisha part. That shisha guy is so damn fcuking made my night miserable. Me, Izzati and Fard is only going to be there for like a minute or two so we didn’t want to order any drinks but the stupid guy said like this ‘oh.kitaorang tak bagi tempat duduk free kat orang isap shisha’ (or something like that lah) Oh please~~~ like your place is GRAND enuff to smoke shisha. Just some stupid hut at the corner of the road. Don’t even have a real built shop pun.Tak payah nak berlagak sangat.Even RASTA at KL offer free seating for those who come and didn’t want to order any drinks. Fcuking stupid shisha man. I’ll smack you when i see you after this. Petrokemya is coming to Kuantan..beware.

Then, the second day arrives. Just like the first day, second day is much more worst. Nearly no one showed up and we ended up closing the counter earlier then expected. Checkouts our baggage at around 1pm and standby at the ballroom. Near 4.45pm we close the counter and me and Hidayah changed our Thinkplus attire to leisure attire and we boarded the bus back to KL. Arrived at KL around 12am. So sleepy and tired. We have another day of event that coming Monday at Ritz Carlton. Busy busy busy! :)

Here are some pictures! Enjoy! :)

 IMG_4375 IMG_4383 IMG_4403 IMG_4404 IMG_4406 IMG_4408 IMG_4409 IMG_4417 IMG_4447 IMG_4448 IMG_4452 IMG_4470 IMG_4514 IMG_4597 IMG_4618 IMG_4625 IMG_4770 IMG_4703 IMG_4648


  1. panjangnyeee hehe.. ape la mamat yg kat kedai shisha yg suruh order air tu.. blagak gila..

  2. aww..kalau ewa tau dee ada buat interview @ kuantan ewa suh bf ewa pegi..hehe, dia kate nak tuka keje, AND dia mmg in kuantan!!


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