Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hello guys. :) Just a small updates here about what happened in the past days. Well, on Saturday, we went to Urbanscapes for like 30 mins only. Upon arrival, we witness the ‘Projek Angkat Rumah’ and strolling around the Marketplace for a while. I dislike this year Urbanscapes Marketplace as it’s not that organized enuff. Thank God i did not buy the tickets as some of my friends said that this year’s Urbanscapes, sux. ;p

Then, on Sunday, me and Irfan went to Empire shopping mall. A very new mall at Subang. Just behind Subang Parade. I love the grocer. It has soo many bakery stuffs there. I just can’t resists to buy one but have to hold on to my thoughts for a while. ;)

And then, on Monday…I attended my work as usual. First time having my own cubicle. Sorry to say, I’m kinda excited!! (kesian kan~) haha. :P Well, i love my new place now. Not exactly new, it’s just the position of me sitting is different. I’m still sitting at the corner of the office. I love it love it. On my left and behind me are walls. I can arrange my things behind me. I have ample space now. And a table to decorate. Thinking of getting myself a fighting fish. :) And I have to think on how to solve this wire thingy on my table. :s

And oh yeah, I’m learning German now. :) Online! Free of charge! Except i have to pay for the net service. haha. :) I can read and understand German language now. The simple ones tho. :)

Well, that’s all for now. Will be updating really soon tho!

Have a nice day everybody!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I am depressed. A serious ones that can lead to death. I am totally blank out. Feelings seems not important now. Depression is. I am so depressed. Please help.

I think no one reads my blog after all. So i can say whatever i want to here.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I did sacrifice. But you didn’t see that. How dare you. Even blind people can ‘see’ sacrifice. Sacrifice is not something that we need to ‘see’. It’s something that we have to feel. But it seems like you don’t feel it.

It’s been a while here. I’m waiting for my pay cheque for this month. I just can’t wait to escape. I want to go to Langkawi so badly. I need a vacation. Seriously in need of one. Even my weekends are not that great anymore. It has been always the same place. One Utama, The Curve.. One Utama, The Curve.. So damn boring. I need new places to go. New things to do and new air to breathe. I need all of those.

Right now all i can do is just work and work and work some more. Even work is not like work to me nowadays. Haiyo. Why I’m so stressed up?

I need to go for movies. Sex and the City 2 is on showing now. I need to watch that movie. I need cheerful movies. To make me cheerful again i guess. I don’t eat much now. I lose weight guess. Oh God help me. My life is so damn boring! :S


* ME last week *

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Last two weekends, aku g kenduri kawin yang sangat banyak. Ada jugak dalam 3,4 rumah kot satu hari. Gila kan? And then soalan yang aku paling tak suka skali bila orang tanya, bila masa aku lagi ni? Cepat cepat lah kawin and what so ever. When I said i tak bersedia lagi, please understand that. Bukan aku tak nak kawin, tapi target aku nak kawin lama lagi. Around 27 ke baru aku nak kawin. So skarang ni, aku tak nak fikir nak kawin lagi. And don’t even dare to paksa me kawin or else.

Aku tak nak kawin skarang ada sebab sebab nya. Aku ni dah la tak matang lagi. Relationship pun baru setahun jagung. Setahun ye. So aku berharap relationship aku sampai tahun ke 4 or 5 baru aku rasa kukuh nak kawin. So kepada sesiapa yang suka sangat nak tanya aku bila nak kawin, tu aku dah jawab. Aku nak kawin dalam umur aku 27 tahun. So be it. Kalau aku kawin awal pun tapi secara paksaan, tak menjadi jugak. So,bab kawin ni,kena serahkan kepada yang tukang nak kawin tu. Bukan parents yang akan tentukan.

Bukan aku tak suka kawin, but just please understand. Dah banyak aku kononnya berkorban. Aku harap kali ni aku tak perlu nak kononnya berkorban lagi la. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello guys. I always write about friends. But rarely i see that they appreciate me much rather then my families. What’s the point of writing about friends when they do not want to be friends with you anymore? I can see that for sure now. :)

My grandma is in a hospital right now. She’s suffering from kidney failure. And i pray for the best to her. I love her and she’s the only hope that we have now to go back to Penang.

Tok Penang, i know you’ll survive this! I know you can do it. Pray for her.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Raya Raya!

Raya tahun ni aku nak berjalan sakan. Nak minta maaf kat semua orang yang aku kenal, kawan-kawan aku terutama skali. Family of course la mintak maaf pagi raya tu. :)

Ape yang aku tak sabar nak buat time raya? Mesti la puasa dulu! hehe. Bazaar Ramadhan, here i come! hehe. Tahun ni bazaar kat mana plak syg kita nak melawat? Putrajaya? TTDI? Nak bukak puasa sama2? Nak ajak Redha and Azim Jimo? :) Mari mari semua. Hehe. Izzati dengan Zul? macam last year kita makan Chilis kan? This year makan mana? Kasi up skit kita makan kat hotel la skali mau? Wah wah tak sabarnya nak puasa!!


So macam ni la kan korang? Tak pe lah. :) Aku takde halnye la. Tak kisah la ape2 pun boleh. Buang masa aku je kisah. Kalau kisah pun aku sorang je tak di endahkan, buat ape kan? Buat ape aku nak terhegeh2. Macam aku sorang plak yang beria sangat. Alah, kalau benci katakan benci. Cheewah!~ Aku memang tadek hal. Tapi kalau salah, kasitau aku la apesal macam tu perangai nya. Sebab aku dapat rasa ada something. Cuma aku tak tau ape benda something tu je. Alah, ape takut, aku kan baik. LOLX! :P

Tak kisah lah korang, nak senyap ke, nak cakap ke ape ke, aku nak kisah pun sampai dah jadi tak kisah. Tapi tipu la kan kalau aku cakap aku tak kisah. Kalau aku tak kisah, dah tak ada dah post ni kat blog. :P Cuma aku nak luahkan kat blog aku je, then lepas ni aku akan jadi tak kisah dah la. :D Khalast! Semua habis dah lepas ni. Kenangan ke, ape ke nak kata aku kejam ke semua aku dah tak nak amik pot. Korang tak tengok aku kejam macam mana lagi kan? Aku boleh buat sampai orang tu gila tau! Tengok betapa jahatnya aku. :P

Ah. Korang pun jahat kat aku. Aku dah buat baik pun korang buat macam ni kat aku. So, tak tau lah aku nak layan macam mana lagi orang2 macam korang ni kan. Dah buat baik disalah anggap. Lepas tu nak aku buat jahat pulak ke? Kalau nak, aku dah bersedia dah pun. :D

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ape nak jadi?

Ape nak jadi dengan kehidupan skarang ni? I mean, i can see a lot of damages in life right now. Not just mine, others too. I can see the world is getting sicker each and everyday. The judgement day is near i guess. I haven’t paid all my debt to God yet. I just hope that I can make it on time.

Ape nak jadi dengan aku? Semakin hari aku semakin tak kenal diri aku siapa. Kawan2 pulak semakin menjauhkan diri dari aku. What have i done wrong? Well, perhaps they already know my biggest secret ever. I am not that good girl that i am suppose to be. I am cruel, I am bad. So that’s why some of my friends abandoned me. Ah. I just can’t help myself to think what have i done wrong. I mean, i know i am mean but hey, i must remember somewhere, when i did cruel things to my best friends. Usually, i never hurt my best friend’s feelings. Because they are the only person that i run to when i have problems (apart from Irfan of course)

Ape nak jadi? Aku pun tak tau ape yang nak jadi. Kita tunggu dan lihat akan kebenarannya nanti. Amin~

One day holiday.

I am planning to go for a holiday. Just for one day from 8am till 10pm. :) I am planning to go to Langkawi, or if internationally Singapore. But then, i won’t think that i’ll be going to Singapore for now. Let just stick to Langkawi instead. :)

Langkawi is like my second hometown. I know every bits and parts of Langkawi now so i think that, if i wanted to go to Langkawi for one whole day, I think i can finish visiting all of the interesting places there. Cable Car, Underwater World, Tanjung Rhu, Pusat Kraftangan, all those shops, so one day if enough for me i guess. :)

So, Langkawi, here i come next month! :p One day trip. I can do it! It is impossible but i will make it possible.hehe

Friday, June 11, 2010


I am tired, mind body and soul. Thanks to Saudi Kayan, i do not know how much i weight right now. i do not eat like how i did before. it kills my appetite.

And now, i am struggling with my life. I love,friends,even myself. Some friends hate me now, some are ignoring me and some are still being good through thin and thick with me and that is great enough

But then i am still rejuvenating my life. I’ve lost a lot of my friends. But then again, I gained more after that so i guess that’s okay right? But some friends are irreplaceable even if they had done so many stupid things to you.

So, Saudi Kayan Saudi Kayan. I had fun. First time being a Captain for that. And I admit it’s hard being a Captain. I have another one coming which is Ibn Sina. Oh my. I hate being a captain (at least for now) but wait till i get my pay cheque. haha. :P

I got to assists Mr. Salamah A-Zayer. A very nice guy but quite an outgoing personality. If he hates it, he hates it. Very strict and at the same time, very friendly as well. I think he’s the best delegates i’ve assists since my first event.

I am not in the mood for shopping, but i am in the mood to relax and just lay down. But then i don’t know when. Ah, just some pictures from Hyatt Kuantan for your view. :)

IMG_5120 IMG_5020 IMG_5032 IMG_5077 IMG_5108 IMG_5110 IMG_5112

* Thinkplus Consulting event at Hyatt Kuantan 7-9 June 2010 *

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Wow! I just realise that it’s been one year,one month,one week and one day me and Irfan are together. :) What a one day it is, sayang!



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Busy and Sick.

I have been very damn busy these days. Can you imagine i have work at KL on Saturday morning and then off to Kuantan by some sakit belakang punya van and arrived at Kuantan around 12am then off to sleep at Hyatt and then around 6am have to woke up and get ready for my work at Kuantan? Then around 4pm went back to KL. This is way too tiring man. Way way way toooo tiring. :( And now i am sick. I have flu and cough and also fever all at the same time. I hope it wasn’t H1N1 tho. Please. :(

Next week, Saudi Kayan’s interview days. Will be back to Kuantan for the second time 2 months. Wah. Seriously Hyatt Regency Hotel is my second home now. Haha. :P And also Ritz Carlton is the second place to work as well. Well, what can i do, i am a consultant that is so not a consultant at all! haha.

Well, today is our clique last day at work. Jakpa. Ohh! He’ll be missed. We will be missing you a lot, Jakpa! Thanks for the pizza. :) Dominos lagi yeh? hehe.

So, am hoping that i will be getting well soon. Oh ya, i just bought a blackberry. Well, not entirely100% my money.Thanks sayang for everything that you have done for me to achieve my BB dream. Love you! :) Oh those who have BB, do add my bbm 21B101B9 :)

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