Monday, June 14, 2010

Ape nak jadi?

Ape nak jadi dengan kehidupan skarang ni? I mean, i can see a lot of damages in life right now. Not just mine, others too. I can see the world is getting sicker each and everyday. The judgement day is near i guess. I haven’t paid all my debt to God yet. I just hope that I can make it on time.

Ape nak jadi dengan aku? Semakin hari aku semakin tak kenal diri aku siapa. Kawan2 pulak semakin menjauhkan diri dari aku. What have i done wrong? Well, perhaps they already know my biggest secret ever. I am not that good girl that i am suppose to be. I am cruel, I am bad. So that’s why some of my friends abandoned me. Ah. I just can’t help myself to think what have i done wrong. I mean, i know i am mean but hey, i must remember somewhere, when i did cruel things to my best friends. Usually, i never hurt my best friend’s feelings. Because they are the only person that i run to when i have problems (apart from Irfan of course)

Ape nak jadi? Aku pun tak tau ape yang nak jadi. Kita tunggu dan lihat akan kebenarannya nanti. Amin~

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