Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Busy and Sick.

I have been very damn busy these days. Can you imagine i have work at KL on Saturday morning and then off to Kuantan by some sakit belakang punya van and arrived at Kuantan around 12am then off to sleep at Hyatt and then around 6am have to woke up and get ready for my work at Kuantan? Then around 4pm went back to KL. This is way too tiring man. Way way way toooo tiring. :( And now i am sick. I have flu and cough and also fever all at the same time. I hope it wasn’t H1N1 tho. Please. :(

Next week, Saudi Kayan’s interview days. Will be back to Kuantan for the second time 2 months. Wah. Seriously Hyatt Regency Hotel is my second home now. Haha. :P And also Ritz Carlton is the second place to work as well. Well, what can i do, i am a consultant that is so not a consultant at all! haha.

Well, today is our clique last day at work. Jakpa. Ohh! He’ll be missed. We will be missing you a lot, Jakpa! Thanks for the pizza. :) Dominos lagi yeh? hehe.

So, am hoping that i will be getting well soon. Oh ya, i just bought a blackberry. Well, not entirely100% my money.Thanks sayang for everything that you have done for me to achieve my BB dream. Love you! :) Oh those who have BB, do add my bbm 21B101B9 :)

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