Thursday, June 24, 2010


I did sacrifice. But you didn’t see that. How dare you. Even blind people can ‘see’ sacrifice. Sacrifice is not something that we need to ‘see’. It’s something that we have to feel. But it seems like you don’t feel it.

It’s been a while here. I’m waiting for my pay cheque for this month. I just can’t wait to escape. I want to go to Langkawi so badly. I need a vacation. Seriously in need of one. Even my weekends are not that great anymore. It has been always the same place. One Utama, The Curve.. One Utama, The Curve.. So damn boring. I need new places to go. New things to do and new air to breathe. I need all of those.

Right now all i can do is just work and work and work some more. Even work is not like work to me nowadays. Haiyo. Why I’m so stressed up?

I need to go for movies. Sex and the City 2 is on showing now. I need to watch that movie. I need cheerful movies. To make me cheerful again i guess. I don’t eat much now. I lose weight guess. Oh God help me. My life is so damn boring! :S


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