Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hello guys. :) Just a small updates here about what happened in the past days. Well, on Saturday, we went to Urbanscapes for like 30 mins only. Upon arrival, we witness the ‘Projek Angkat Rumah’ and strolling around the Marketplace for a while. I dislike this year Urbanscapes Marketplace as it’s not that organized enuff. Thank God i did not buy the tickets as some of my friends said that this year’s Urbanscapes, sux. ;p

Then, on Sunday, me and Irfan went to Empire shopping mall. A very new mall at Subang. Just behind Subang Parade. I love the grocer. It has soo many bakery stuffs there. I just can’t resists to buy one but have to hold on to my thoughts for a while. ;)

And then, on Monday…I attended my work as usual. First time having my own cubicle. Sorry to say, I’m kinda excited!! (kesian kan~) haha. :P Well, i love my new place now. Not exactly new, it’s just the position of me sitting is different. I’m still sitting at the corner of the office. I love it love it. On my left and behind me are walls. I can arrange my things behind me. I have ample space now. And a table to decorate. Thinking of getting myself a fighting fish. :) And I have to think on how to solve this wire thingy on my table. :s

And oh yeah, I’m learning German now. :) Online! Free of charge! Except i have to pay for the net service. haha. :) I can read and understand German language now. The simple ones tho. :)

Well, that’s all for now. Will be updating really soon tho!

Have a nice day everybody!

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