Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anything. =)

I know i can be a very loud mouthed sometimes. But I only TALK when there is the TRUTH. So that’s why i just can accept friends come and go every time. It runs in my own blood. I TALK when there is something to talk about. And if they can’t accept what i say, then go ahead and take everybody’s sympathy. You will not improve yourself if you can’t accept others talking about you.

To me, telling you the truth, can accept everything that people want to say to me. Be it a BITCH or BIATCH or what ever. I can accept because I know who I am and if those words I can relate onto my life, I accept.

Another thing is that, if people can’t accept others forgiveness, it sucks. People do make mistakes. In fact, everyday we make mistakes. We just can’t run away from doing mistakes. Even you yourself did a lot of mistakes back then and people still can forgive you, why can’t you just forgive others too? It’s a good thing to do especially in this Ramadhan month. :)

So, I forgive everybody who wants my forgiveness. LOLX! :P Nope, I just want to say I’m sorry to those who I have hurt in the past days. It’s up to you whether you want to forgive me or not. Taa. =)

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