Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Happy 53rd Birthday to Malaysia. Can we call it a birth day of Malaysia? I think it is more to like an independence from being colonised day for Malaysia. No more brutal soldiers, no more killing stuffs. (but they do have one more killing day which is on the 13th of May or what we Malaysian would say is ‘Hari berdarah’ – Blood day)

So what did i do today on Merdeka day? I did susun all my baju inside my closet according to colors. I packed my handbegs into one box. And later i wanted to eat KFC for berbuka and also maggi mee for my supper at night. I watched Gossip Girl Season 2 and finished it and now proceed to some DVD’s that i haven’t watched yet. And trying to think about tomorrow’s berbuka puasa with sayang at Samsaraa Restaurant. :) Hope that tomorrow’s going to be great. You don’t have to wake me up when September ends as the beginning of September to me is priceless!


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